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issue and listing of securities/Securities Management and Compliances

There are various types of shares and other securities which a company can issue as mentioned herein below:

Public/ Right Issues of Securities

Bonus issue

Preferential allotments

Private Placements

Issue of Sweat Equity Shares

Issue of shares under ESOP

Issue of shares at discount

Issue of shares at premium

Issue and conversion of share warrants

Issue, redemption and conversion of preference shares

Issue and conversion of Bonds

Issue and conversion of debentures


We offer following services in respect of Securities Management Compliances:

  • We manage the whole gamut of services for above said issues, conversion and redemption.
  • Advising on issue of suitable type of instrument and defining terms of the said issue as per specific requirement of the Company.
  • Drafting and administering ESOP Schemes
  • Determining pricing and voting rights of securities
  • Transfer and transmission of shares
  • Issue and transfer of Shares to NRIs, OCBs, Foreign Nationals and RBI formalities in respect thereof
  • Issuing Securities Reconciliation certificate
  • Establishing connectivity with depositories and demating securities of the Company
  • Execution of Corporate Actions and listing of securities
  • Admission of securities in depositories
  • Advising on various matter regarding listing, re-listing, de-listing, uninterrupted listing of securities etc
  • Advising and preparing various disclosures and returns with respect to issue of securities
  • We also assist in complying various rules and regulations required for issue of shares, buy back of securities, increase in capital etc
  • We also assist the Company in obtaining rating from the accredited rating agencies in India. It is requirement for issue of any debt security to the Public in general.
  • Securities of the Company.
  • Obtaining undertaking from the employees and directors about compliances of various codes formed by the Company.


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